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bim solutions.

Empower your projects with our BIM services for sustainable and efficient performance.


By embracing simplicity, we forge a strong connection between precisely defined functions and their aesthetic expression in the final outcome.

bim solutions


bim consulting

We guide You to Approach BIM with Confidence: Expert Guidance, Streamlined Processes, and Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Projects

bim management

Let us improve your BIM projects while you stay focused on design and construction, ensuring seamless coordination and optimized results.




Enhancing design with the perfect balance of simplicity, aesthetics and function. Creating spaces that embody sophistication and purpose. Experience the essence of design.


Unlocking the digital potential of BIM for streamlined projects. Streamlined workflows, enhanced collaboration, and exceptional results. Experience firsthand the benefits of our digital approach.


Sustainable design to achieve more with less, reconciling aesthetics and environmental impact. Creating spaces that care for the environment and people.


Who We Are

Architect. BIM Consultant. Passionate about exceptional results through the power of BIM. Transforming projects with innovation, sustainability, and comprehensive services. Your trusted partner to unlock architectural visions, deliver excellence with a personal touch.

Our Vision

Revolutionizing project delivery through BIM innovation, sustainable design, and a commitment to environmental responsibility. Our mission is to empower the future of construction by providing exceptional results with a personalized and sustainable approach.


feedback from clients
    Civil Engineer
    Civil Engineer

    Head of BIM

    Overall, Mariel’s contributions to our team have been remarkable, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you are looking for a talented, friendly, and reliable BIM consultant or coordinator, Mariel is the perfect choice.



      Mariels umfangreiches Fachwissen im Bereich BIM und ihr Hintergrund als erfahrene Architektin hat mich begeistert und ermöglichten es ihr, unserem Büro wertvolle Erkenntnisse und wertvolle Lösungsansätze zu liefern. Ich kann sie uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen, als begeisterungsfähige BIM- Beraterin oder -Koordinatorin, wie auch als besonders angenehme Persönlichkeit.

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