Construction Summit 2024 in Hamburg





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bim implementierung change management construction summit
Image: Construction Summit 2024

Mariel Gutierrez, known for her work on digital transformation within the construction industry, took her place on stage at the Construction Summit 2024 in Hamburg. The event served as a key platform for industry leaders to explore the changing landscape of construction amid rapid technological advancements.

The presence of Mariel Gutierrez brought a fresh perspective to the discourse, especially at the panel discussion on implementing digitalization in construction. Drawing on her extensive experience, she emphasized the imperative need to focus on people and the change management necessary for construction companies to adopt digital tools and processes to drive efficiency, sustainability and innovation.

In addition, Mariel Gutierrez addressed the challenges inherent in digital adoption, emphasizing the importance of fostering a culture of learning and adaptability within organizations.

As the construction industry navigates a paradigm shift toward digitization, Gutierrez’s insights serve as a guide for companies striving to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving landscape. Her pragmatic approach, coupled with her forward-thinking vision, position her as a pioneer in driving significant change in the industry.

Thank you to the Organisation of Construction Summit for having us. See you next year!